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Mosquita y Mari 2012


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Beautiful indie film focused on the relationship between Mari and Yoli, two young queer Chicana girls living in Los Angeles. The director, Aurora Guerrero, makes the small spaces of their lives–classrooms, their homes, the streets near where they live–full of beauty. They’re treated with such respect by the director, who knows that these young women are smart people who are facing the world with dignity and courage, for all that they are so very young.

The immigrant, working class realities of their lives and how their experiences differ re: how close they each are to the edge financially and what is possible for them in school and life is really well drawn. And both young actresses do such a beautiful job conveying the depth of feeling and tentative passion between their characters.

I started the night looking for a movie that would really be about women loving women, and I found it here. Small touches, looks, a casually shared ice cream cone and pleasure in napping together, breathing near each other, lips nearly touching, on the edge of maybe… it’s very intense but also exactly right for where they’re at in age/experience and defining their own sexual identities.

It's also on Netflix. Ayo!

Tags: Venecia Troncoso, Finessa Pineda, Aurora Guerrero , Magela Crosignani

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