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The Obama Generation


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As Barack Obama’s time in office nears its end, people who voted for him reflect on his legacy. From California to Chicago to DC, young black voters look back on his Presidency. Rico, a gay former army veteran, shares his experiences of being a soldier and how since coming home from the front line life for him and other members of the LGBT community has changed. In the Southside of Chicago, Emanuel lives just a few miles from Barack Obama’s old house. He talks about the gun violence he’s experienced on his street and how the pace of change in his community has been slow.

Amesha works in education, she also worries that the pace of change is slow, as the number of people living in poverty in the US has remained largely the same. For her however, having a black President has given disenfranchised young people a role model to follow. At a house party at Georgetown University in Washington, students that have grown up under the Obama Presidency reveal their hopes and fears for the future.

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