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Transsexual Stories


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About trans women in Scotland and it’s a range of different women at different stages of their transition and I urge you yonis to watch it.

Filmed over a year, Transsexual Stories features Anne, Gladys, Carla, Bee and Jan - five trans women at various stages of transition. From 17-year-old Bee Wallace, who is just beginning her hormone therapy, to Glady's Patterson, a 77-year-old retired antiques dealer who had her full sex change operation at the age of 69. Anne, an ex-soldier turned bus driver from Perth, has recently come out to her family, work colleagues and regular passengers. It's tough coming out in the public eye, but Anne must prove to doctors and psychologists that she can live and work full-time as a woman if she hopes to be approved for the surgery that will physically change her from male to female.

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