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 In 2012 Emma and Pete fell victim to the child protection industry. After fighting in the "secret" family
court Emma lost custody of her children after reports were submitted that Emma stated at the time
"If I read them reports about some one else, I'd take their children"

Pete also lost contact with his daughter due to their recommendation.

All cleverly rehearsed, players of the court in place and the process begins.
You really have no hope of retaining custody of your children once the Social Services intervene.
After months of blaming themselves Pete and Emma decided to collaborate with King, Willis and Beach to
expose this scandal and began creating Traffic.

Fully aware they were about to produce something that has never been done.
Knowing there was no doubt it will lead to gagging orders and possible imprisonment through
the "secret" family courts they still choose to proceed.

Over a year of undercover filming and talking to literally hundreds of parents. Their children taken from them due
to the risk of emotional abuse and any other category the "Social Services" could think of.
Dragged through the family courts, silenced with "gagging orders" and sent to prison for daring to speak out.

Parents forced to go on the run to prevent the "Social Services" from taking their children.
One mother whilst trying to escape was reported, her daughter was removed
only to be "RAPED" by a foster carer the "Social Services" placed her with.
She was 5 years old at the time.
This is only one of the thousands of cases where the "Social Services"
have removed children only for that child to be abused in their care.

It goes un-reported as the "Social Services" always investigate themselves.
Police refuse to intervene, parent's left stranded and isolated, hated by all around them.

They feed you information using the media as their weapon informing you these parents are a threat
to their children and need to be found. All of it a cleverly orchestrated lie.

This is happening all over the UK and it's kept from you due to the 3 billion pounds a year
the government feed in to this system to keep it thriving. Perfectly happy children are snatched from schools, playgroups,
their homes and some from birth at the hospital whilst children such as
Daniel Pelka, Baby P and so many others all go ignored. Why?


Statstics show the removal of children is on the increase but not for the reasons the media will tell you.

Traffic is a hard hitting and honest look into the child protection industry.
With the real reason children are removed whilst children in need of immediate help are left to die.

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