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Polly Borland Polymorphous


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'I'm fascinated by people… I love photographing them, I love finding out about them."

As one of Australia's most successful artists, the name Polly Borland should ring a bell; yet more often than not, it doesn't. Thought a virtual unknown in her home country, the notoriety of her work, charged often with themes of sexually and identity, has seen her propelled to extraordinary heights. From rockstars to royalty, this expatriate has and continues to capture truly unique images, with work as enigmatic as it is engaging.

And now for for the first time, the lens faces the other direction. Through interviews with the likes of Cate Blanchett, Nick Cave, Will Self and husband, John Hillcott, we see beneath the fantastical exterior; refractions of the psychology, the insecurities and the motivations that drive this exceptional woman to such dramatic, bizarre and unforgettable imagery.

It's time to be fascinated. It'd time to find out.

This is Poly Borland. This is Polymorphous.

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